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With the increase in the number of automakers in the country, there is a direct impact on the capacity and forms of competition of the various vehicle brands. This growth imposes a change in the competitive dispute in the automobile market because the market's ability to absorb production is limited and each assembler must produce and sell a volume that justifies its existence. With this the cake will be divided into more pieces and the assembler that has a differential will leave the front, having more chances to maintain or increase its market share.

In this scenario where the Brazilian automotive market is increasingly competitive and globalized, the need for the automakers to move in search of new data to be more competitive. They should undoubtedly anticipate customer needs, seek accurate information and details of what the automotive market will look like in the future.

To have a more active and competitive network of concessionaires as well as to better distribute their products, it is necessary to review the concepts about Brazil and how its partners operate in detail in the various regions. It is no longer possible to see Brazil as a single market, and to divide it in its different regions and markets, to better understand customs, needs and needs, and especially the performance of regional competitors. CARCON AUTOMOTIVE is ready to assist you in further deepening your knowledge of the automotive manufacturing, distribution and sales market.

Regardless of how old you and your automaker operate in Brazil and South America, it is extremely necessary to deepen and discuss both new and existing concepts. The ability of CARCON AUTOMOTIVE to use its huge database, providing the information of the automakers and their strategies, allows to have a current and future clear picture in terms of recommendations and applications that will certainly attend your marketing actions.

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