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Automotive Agriculyure

The most complete range of solutions in the areas of strategy, planning and automotive management

Consistent and credible solutions for the agricultural segment along with our expertise in the automotive value chain


Technology assessment and new developments

Market analysis

Studies of performance and market entry, planning and growth

Factory and Aftermarket Component Analysis

Opportunities, identification and access

Suppliers, alliances and distribution

Competitiveness, performance and customer satisfaction studies

Competition, marketing, communications, relationships, customers and promotions Trends and impacts

Pricing surveys practiced

Maintenance contract surveys

TCO - Total Cost of Ownership


"Excellence in service solutions for the automotive and agricultural segments"

Procucts and Services
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Av. Senador Vergueiro, 2.123 | Conjunto 903 | Anchieta| São Bernardo do Campo | SP | Brazil | 09750-001 | 11 2355.5873

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