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The CARCON, founded in 1998 by automotive industry professionals has always been dedicated exclusively to the sector. Dynamic and characterized by strong demand for information, CARCON worked all these years in the South American markets. In markets like Brazil who went through pressure waves, high and low times, we saw it move to a today´s target market of the largest car companies in the world. 

Our team consists of permanent and temporary personnel operating in all segments of the automotive sector achieving a total up to 50 people depending on the level required for ongoing projects.

In addition to the Brazilian team, CARCON also operates with associate offices in Barranquilla, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Our colleagues in South America dedicated exclusively to the automotive markets in their regions, possess great.

GlobalData is the premier supplier of automotive forecasts and intelligence to an extensive client base of automotive manufacturer, component supplier, logistics and distribution companies, as well as financial and government institutions around the world.

GlobalData is the world's leading provider of automotive, agriculture and market intelligence services to a broad customer base. This base includes vehicle and agricultural machinery manufacturers, component and system suppliers, logistics and distribution companies, as well as financial and government institutions around the world.

"Comprehensive and detailed information geared to the entire automotive industry and agricultural segments."


Knibb, Gormezano and Partners (KGP) provides consultancy services to the automotive and related industries worldwide. Since its foundation in 1988, it has helped over 500 companies worldwide grow and globalize. Its extensive global network is constantly being expanded to meet customer requirements.
The company operates in different sectors such as light and heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery, components, materials, and other related products. Also provides services to vehicle manufacturers, systems and component suppliers, aftermarket, governments, and finance industry.

To provide increasingly complete and integrated solutions for strategic planning and management of your business, through technical-economic and market analysis, providing excellence and sustainability, seeking total satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and community.


To constantly seek excellence in the supply of data and analysis, acting as benchmark in the automotive and agricultural market, which are areas in which we operate, focusing on the needs and satisfaction of our customers, including quality of the service provided, meeting deadlines, reliability of the results that are presented and achieving technical-economic usage of the information that is generated.




  • TRUSTFULNESS of customers

  • COMMITMENT to those involved

  • FOCUS and TRANSPARENCY at work

  • EXCELLENCE and CELERITY in the results

  • SAFETY of the people

  • Economic, social and environmental SUSTAINABILITY


The systems used by A CARCON AUTOMOTIVE comply with a set of practices and information sharing used in the automotive and agricultural market, which guarantee high standard of response and strategic planning of high quality.


All the practices we use meet the highest legal and ethical standards required by large corporations around the world.


We have the key information customization that your company needs on a daily basis. CARCON AUTOMOTIVE can provide an information center focused on service and optimization of your needs where supply time, frequency and information content are geared to what your business needs. In addition to the customized and exclusive information you can also count with specialized consultants who will be at your disposal in the day to day. Analytical reports will be sent regularly via email to the intended users to receive them in your organization.


Multiple access to available information. Our users have the option to access information using our Multichannel information sharing system through the following resources:

  • Interaction CARCON AUTOMOTIVE users via web - to our consultants who will offer a wide range of features including panels, research tools, market trends and graphical tools

  • Webinars - available on specified dates for participating users who will have the opportunity to discuss specific topics

  • Interaction with mobile users through smartphones or tablets which can access the resources of the databases and their information

Availability of the Microsoft Share point system to our users - will help your company respond quickly to your changing needs using this feature provided by CARCON AUTOMOTIVE, your team will be able to share ideas and skills, create customized solutions to meet your specific needs, and information to make the best decisions. This system will help reduce costs and save time and effort by focusing your employees on critical business priorities.


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