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The environment in which companies operate nowadays is quickly becoming more complex and competitive, leading the organizations to rethink their operations, looking for new strategies that are more collaborative with their clients and suppliers. The automotive industry presents a high degree in development and application of initiatives and practices in implementing technological and managerial innovations in the industrial segment. Many CARCON studies make these applications evident among the vehicle assemblers and their suppliers. The increased competition and instability of traditional methods of operating a business has modified the lives of companies. The need to remain or become more competitive absorbs the energy of most of them, and this brings obvious questions that deserve much deeper actions, and undoubtedly CARCON can assist you in finding these actions. Most suppliers of the automotive industry, since the 90s, can be characterized by low or no profit margins, abundant supply of similar products, strong entry of new competitors, more demanding and less loyal manufacturers and customers. CARCON has a huge range of alternatives to change these parameters in your business.

Many companies have very similar competitive conditions, either due to the large extension of product lines or even a distinction so subtle, almost imperceptible or even irrelevant to the customer as to not affect their purchasing behavior, either by price or equivalence due to sources of competitive advantage often very similar. CARCON has the solution for you to change this situation.

We are ready to assist all and any automotive supplier of products and services. We have over thirteen years of experience in providing high quality services in this segment; our experience includes consulting to both direct suppliers of car assemblers as well as companies of various tier levels of the automotive supply chain.

Most of our consulting team members come from large automotive suppliers. Our databases are based on real success cases in attempting the proposed requirements made by our customers. We are ready to assist you in all your needs. Being of any kind, we are sure you will be pleased with the solutions we can offer to your business.

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