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Identifying potential customer groups and perfectly analyzing the needs and performance of the market are the key functions of your company's marketing department.


From strategic planning, daily contact with each of your current and potential future customers is the responsibility of your sales department.


In the current automotive market, companies should be aware that it is no longer enough to have the creative "marketer" figure; it is necessary that in addition to being creative, how to calculate, be a public relations, know how to communicate, know how to plan, have the best information about the market segments, know the competition well and its products and, finally, strategic ownership build the best marketing program to be deployed. Likewise, the figure of the seller known as "order taker" no longer fits the automotive world. Today, you need high-performing, well-trained sales people who are aware of the company's strategies and the products they are going to trade. They must communicate, visualize, and identify the real needs of customers, taking into account all components of the market that may affect their sales.

To awaken the desire to reach potential customers and gain new niches in the marketplace, keeping your company's customer base alive in a competitive, creative and dynamic way, you need a Market Intelligence program.

In this sense, in order to assist its Marketing and Sales sectors, CARCON AUTOMOTIVE offers its experience in Market Intelligence, whose main objectives will be to gather, analyze and apply information with the purpose of expanding the knowledge of its professionals on the objective market logic and the direction of the strategic actions to be adopted. Thus, our market intelligence system seeks to observe along with its professionals factors seemingly disconnected from their projects starting to create alternative scenarios in order to define new forms of strategic actions.

By broadening the perception of the scenarios, it is possible to analyze the external environment and, consequently, identify opportunities, predict threats to your business and anticipate trends in the segments of your performance. Thus, CARCON AUTOMOTIVE offers a Market Intelligence that is not only designed as a strategic activity but also becomes an operational activity.

Let's talk about our Competitive Intelligence system, how it can support your Marketing and Sales departments. We are sure that you will be satisfied with our ideas in helping those sectors so important to your business.

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